Water Baby is now a significant object of national importance since its registration on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels.  It is now on full display for visitors in its purposed-built shed, along with much information relating to Life on the Condamine Flood Plain, including oral history stories.  Pictured below is Grant Uebergang being interviewed by the ABC about the Exhibit.  Grant is an historian and author of "Water Baby - The Yandilla Station Steam Launch" A history of a remarkable feat in nineteenth century inland marine engineering.  Please click on the links below for further information.

The Australian Register of Historic Vessels (ARHV) is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney in association with the Sydney Heritage Fleet. A vessel is registered as historic after a rigorous and comprehensive process investigating its contribution to Australia's social history, and its particular significance to the nation's maritime heritage. Water Baby was registered in 2019 and given the identification number HV000768. At this point in time 600 vessels have been added to the Register including coastal and inland vessels. The Australian Register of Historic Vessels can be viewed at https://www.sea.museum/discover/arhv